Evolution of the Facemask

2020. Ruined t-shirts, wasted time. [TODO: Re-shoot w/studio light. Very poor execution here]

Bike Lane Memories

2019–2020. Three flat tires in 9 months. [TODO: Remove some of the crap. Re-shoot w/studio light.]

Selfie #22995

2017. Mac over VPN selfie. “Kelli Wiseth is having connectivity issues...” and it must be true because... internet

Nǐ Hǎo!

2012. Self portrait. Day three of the Mandarin Chinese intensive.

Portrait of the artist as a young [1]...

1995. My first selfie. [1] ...[TBD noun phrase] younger than today, but old enough to have known better than to have taken this picture? TODO: diagram the previous adverb phrase.

Body of Christ or cheese ’n crackers?

1988. Book cover for unpublished essays on the search for palatable theology.

Big Brother

1984. Dewar’s Scotch ad from the 1980s. A profile in state control.

Another Overpriced Import

1977. A nod to the gas shortages of the 1970s.

June Bride

1977. Something old something new. Dress up that steel helmet from dubya-dubya-two.

American Gothic #76 and #77

1976. Little sister 76 and her pal 77 put down their pitchforks.

Gap Kids Originals

1976. Cold war classic updated for 2018. Get ready for nuclear winter.

Bionic Baby

1973. A conflation of television characters Steve Austin and Jamie Sommers with cloning experiments gone horribly wrong.